Merged the first 3 books in the Y.A Series!

I have decided to merge the first three books in my Y.A Series into one book so people…readers….can read it as a standalone.

And I made a SWEET cover for it.

QUESTION: Do I make too many covers and write not enough books to go with those covers? I’m too slow. Jesus, I don’t get myself sometimes. I need to work faster. I need a 1-800 hotline….covers anonymous! I’m addicted to making them. I run at a ten percent capacity…….what I do for the other 90 percent….stare a hole in my wall, daydream, talking to myself….don’t comment on that one! :-)

What’s wrong with you Sarah?

Me: Lot’s of things….:-)

I can’t help it if I can’t find somebody more fascinating to talk to than myself.

Really…I’m not lying.

I told my husband, I only need to do two things to get my life really rolling…..

He asked: What do you have to do?

Me: Eat less and type more.

I do these two things more…….I’ll be an inspiration, a super hero, others will follow my lead and be amazed at my wisdom that I did what needed to be done to make a CHANGE in my life!

My husband: So, are you going to do that?

Me: ehhhhh……Maybe I’ll start tommorow. RIght now I want Mcdonalds and I’m tired from doing nothing all day today.

It make’s sense in my head.


New Facebook fan page….

Hello everyone…I’ve decided to join in on the whole Facebook page……..I’ll be updating all the info on my upcoming books there as well and if you like me……give me a like on FACEBOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

The drama continues between Annabelle and James… Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

Date of Release: Unknown for now.

kobo updates

For everyone that uses Kobo and has a crap file…sorry again…I have just gotten confirmation that the the updates are live, Except for What My Heart Wants, that one will take a couple of days to update.


Sorry a million times Kobo’ll never happen again.

Thinking of releasing WMHW early….

Hey guys….so the book is finished and I can’t wait for Tuesday either. I think I’ll be releasing my book earlier…maybe Sunday?

Be on the look out!


Okay….release date has officially changed….the book will be out on the 12am May 19th! Woahooooooo.
Amazon users you’ll probably get yours….a tiny bit sooner because I control my Amazon publishing page…So Sunday…..oh yeah!

Get ready to swoon, get ready to have your heart melt, I know mine did as I was writing it, I kept going aweee…..even my husband was like damn….*tear*

10am….Eastern Canada time 05/18/2014…just pressed the button for Amazon…..hopefully the book’ll be up in 12 hours or less!!!

Wahoooooooooooooooooooo Thanks Australia!!!!

Book 4 in Y.A Series

Hello everyone….

So now that ‘What My Heart Wants’ is finally finished….thank GOD!…’s time to start the 4th book in the series…which will be Jenna’s story.

Here’s the cover, did it today. I have a blurb for it on goodreads, but it’s not final, just a basic idea of what the story will be like. Blurbs take me forever to do…ugh

‘You’re What I Want (Y.A #4) out on August 26th 2014
There will also be a Y.A #5….James and Annabelle drama continues!!!!!!!!


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