Working on a little story….. check out the first chapter! The Maggot Queens Of Tomb County

Decided to write this little story….. could be bigger could be smaller, haven’t decided yet. Hell, I could forget about the whole thing by tomorrow, maybe even by this afternoon, but probably not.

Here is the first chapter….enjoy.

The Maggot Queens Of Tomb County
Chapter 1: Lydia Horn

Growing in the rich area of Tomb county, my mother waited not once to announce her displeasure for my existence. I think the only reason I’m here today is because of my father, Sir John Falcon Marten The Third. Grandfather, father’s father was of old money, the oil business in it’s hay day where any dirt covered roughen was quickly turned into multi millionaires by their parents owning shit land the real rich folk didn’t want and the earthquake of 85’ happening. Lot’s of oil, everywhere and so much so that they didn’t know what to do with all the extra tubs they couldn’t sell to the United States Government. But that was then and our land wasn’t what it once was, but it’s not as bad as you think, far from it actually. There were no extra tubs of oil waiting to be sold. Every single ounce was sold as we obtained it. The money was spent just as quickly.

My name by the way isn’t Lydia Horn. It’s Angela Falcon Marten, The Second. I was named after my Grandmother, father’s mother. At his request and at my mother’s extreme disliking, the hospital stamped my name onto a birth certificate with the both of their names stamped right below. Grandmother and I shared more than just our names. We looked alike with our honey blonde hair, cold blue eyes and rose colored cheeks over fair skin that burned easy. Grandmother barely aged as the days went by while mother’s age was showing more and more. Maybe that’s why mother hated me so much. She hated my Grandmother with a fire rivalling that of a volcano. They were two women, who both loved money just as much as the next and were always battling for the larger piece. My mother’s mother was dead. Nobody knew how, just that one-day she disappeared before mother had turned eighteen, and being found weeks later after washing up the creek on Crusty Johnson’s shore, covered in green vine and dirt. It wasn’t strange that every piece of jewellery she owned had also gone missing, society just assumed she was kidnapped, stolen from and then murdered. Among her jewels was a beautiful violet jewelled necklace. It was one of a kind and would be the hand that brought her killers to justice if found. The case hasn’t been updated since and had gone cold. Nobody cared anyways. Besides the story of Grandmother’s demise, my family rarely spoke of her. Like she didn’t exist.

The one of a kind, gold plated teacup in my hand shook, spilling cold tea over my ivory colored dress. Another one of kind piece that mother had had specially made for me fifty county’s away. It was weird because she gave me the best of everything and at the same time hated me for something that I had no control over.

“Angela darling, ladies must always be in control. A suitor won’t tolerate such behaviour.” Grandmother scorned me from across our twelve-seated table. This morning, it was her, father, Grandfather and myself. Mother had yet to make an entrance this morning. The words leave me on cue.

“Apologies, I will do better.” I said.

A sigh left Grandmother’s newly red rose-coloured lips. She eyed the doorway with a squint. “Honestly, how rude can a woman of our name be? John boy, you married the woman, gave her the Falcon Marten name, yet she doesn’t respect it enough to make breakfast on time and show the family whom has provided in her lifestyle a little respect.”

“Apologies, Mother. She will do better.” Father said, the newspaper not leaving his sight.

Grandmother turned to Grandfather and pouted, even though he to was reading the newspaper. “Edgar darling, this isn’t right. Say something, I can’t be the only one who sees this as a problem, honestly.”

“Not to worry my dear, Francine will announce herself shortly, an entrance as always.” Grandfather stated, rustling the newspaper while changing pages.

Another sigh left Grandmother’s mouth. “Ridiculous.” She murmured into her teacup. Breakfast went on and Mother didn’t show up. Grandmother was furious, barely containing herself from doing something very un-ladylike. When our maids began clearing the table I was shooed away to my room where my tutor would show up shortly and begin my morning lessons.

My room was grand, filled with everything a girl my age could ever hope for. But the time to have fun was for after my tutor had left for the day. I sit at my desk, prepared with pen and paper. The floors creaked and I stared at my closed door, wondering what was going on behind it. Loud murmurs erupted, along with the sound of many hushing one another.

“Remember, we remember Lydia and don’t you forget that.” Father’s voice came through. My heart erupted into a sprint. The pen fell from my hand and down my desk onto the floor underneath it. I crouched underneath on my knees searching for it before she came inside and wondered why I was so disobedient. The door creaked open and before I could grab the pen and sit back in my chair, she came inside, closing the door behind her as quietly as possible. I could see her dark shoes beneath her emerald colored dress as she sauntered towards me.

“Get up.” My tutor ordered, her tone harsh and impatient. I slowly crouched upwards, sitting in my seat with my head down, too scared to eye her.

“Look at me, Angela.” My tutor ordered again, knocking once on my desk. I didn’t look up so she placed two fingers underneath my chin and forced my face up. My tutor was the same age as Mother, but she wasn’t married. Her long dark hair was normally in a tight bun, but today it was casted down in waves. Her piercing grey eyes held me as her plump red ruby lips opened to speak. “There’s news Angela, and I’m not sure how to tell you.”

She told me anyways, despite her initial and slightly unconvincing hesitancy. I listened while my breaths turned shallow, unsure of how I was going to….be after the news.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.” She said, and again, I didn’t believe her.

“I’m sorry too, Miss Horn.” I said and she smiled. Yeah, she wasn’t sorry at all.

“Shall we begin our lesson then?” She asked, turning away so I wouldn’t see the smirk on her face but I could through the mirror across my room. “We have much to cover you and I.”

We did indeed.

My mother hated me, but I didn’t hate her. I was ten years old when she died. Her body was found this morning, washed up on Crusty Johnson’s shore, covered in green vine and dirt.

The next week, Miss Lydia Horn married my father, to my grandmother’s approval. She gave them a gift, a beautiful violet jewelled necklace. It was one of a kind you see.

And that’s it for now……hoped you guys liked it.

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Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

The drama continues between Annabelle and James… Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

Date of Release: Unknown for now.

kobo updates

For everyone that uses Kobo and has a crap file…sorry again…I have just gotten confirmation that the the updates are live, Except for What My Heart Wants, that one will take a couple of days to update.


Sorry a million times Kobo’ll never happen again.

Thinking of releasing WMHW early….

Hey guys….so the book is finished and I can’t wait for Tuesday either. I think I’ll be releasing my book earlier…maybe Sunday?

Be on the look out!


Okay….release date has officially changed….the book will be out on the 12am May 19th! Woahooooooo.
Amazon users you’ll probably get yours….a tiny bit sooner because I control my Amazon publishing page…So Sunday…..oh yeah!

Get ready to swoon, get ready to have your heart melt, I know mine did as I was writing it, I kept going aweee…..even my husband was like damn….*tear*

10am….Eastern Canada time 05/18/2014…just pressed the button for Amazon…..hopefully the book’ll be up in 12 hours or less!!!

Wahoooooooooooooooooooo Thanks Australia!!!!

Forever Calling You brand new cover…….wildncrazy andddd Calling Ms. Kensington and Xander Barns Series

A little cray cray……enjoy!


Calling Ms. Kensington

Xander Barns Series (Book #1-3)


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