The Truth About James is up for free and A little excerpt from You’re What I Want

So while I put the finishing touches to ‘You’re What I Want’ I have decided to put up ‘The Truth About James’ up for free for a limited time. Currently it’s up for free on iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo. Barnes will take a few days to update it to free.

Thanks for reading my work again and for being patient. Last year I was always in a rush trying to get stuff out and for that my quality of work suffered. I think i learned a thing or two about a thing or two. I want to take my time, find the faults and deliver work that’ll be above average, error free (hopefully) and that’ll make readers happy. Good idea’s take time right? I come up with new stuff everyday.
Genius ideas actually.

Now for being coollllllllll, or/and restraining yourself from grabbing the pitchforks and torching me to death for being so slow…cause I am a really slow writer……Here is a little snippet of ‘You’re What I Want’.

You’re What I Want
Life was perfect.

Living it was a gift and a dream come true.

I doubted even Leonardo Da Vinci could have painted a moment as inspiring. And if it were possible, then may I faint. Sunlight sprinkled inside. It casted us with warmth reserved for angels only, I was sure of it. Who else had lived and experienced existence such as this before?

“What’s my nickname today, my love?” I sighed, practically singing it. My head rested against the car door and my feet were in his hands. So soft they were. He was massaging them close to his heart.

I felt each palpitation.

They were singing to me… Bump – bump – bump…. bump. It was as beautiful as a symphony composed by Mozart. Worthy of an applause fit for a theatrical production by Shakespeare.

It was the truth and it was how I felt.

“Cutie, Darling, Hot Stuff.” He chuckled before gazing down at me with a serious look.

“What else?” I asked, praying in silence, hoping there was more.

“My. Sweet. Darling.” The words left his mesmerizingly captivating lips, leaving me frozen from pure happiness.

After a few minutes, where warmth filled my soul to its brim, I met his beautiful blue eyes. It was like I was seeing him for the first time again. His lashes stalled me, rendering me speechless. They fluttered as elegantly as butterfly wings in the meadow during springtime.

“Tom, I didn’t know you were so romantic.” The words leave me ever so softly.

He laughed again, filling my heart with the gift of his voice. “I’m always romantic, baby.”

“Why can’t you be like this at school?” I sighed, stretching my hand out to interconnect with his. I felt his soul a thousand times which each squeeze of the hand. I hoped it would last forever.

“You mean around the guys?” He gave me a look that screamed incredulous and squeezed my hand. “It’s obvious why. I’d never hear the end of it.”

“But I want this all the time.” I pouted and sat up in my chair. I stared at him, longing for endless caresses and words of beauty at all hours. I was desperate for them.

“Tough.” He grinned, leaning in. He pecked me on the lips and I supressed a dimwitted giggle with everything I had inside of me.


A dimwitted giggle?

Why would I think that and Tom in the same sentence? That’s not who I am. I wouldn’t think that. There’s nothing dimwitted about loving Tom… nothing at all…. nothing at all.

He’s beautiful.

I’m beautiful.

Everything around us was beautiful.

And that was so beautiful.

I wanted to cry.

Perfection was the definition of this evening.

I’ll say it a million times.

Roses were red, violets were a soft purple with a touch of blue, I love Tom like the ocean is blue…and that…. and that… and that…was down right nastiness!

I’m going to be sick! What the hell was I just saying?

I was ‘man eater’ Jenna.

I was a Champion Swimmer, Warrior Princess, who had no time for silly boys. They were nothing but curses, diseases, the walking version of the plague.

All of them.

This ‘love’ crazy clone wasn’t the real me. There’s no way I’d ever say crap like that. Not with a straight face at least. This guy, Tom ‘The Con man’ Colleto had obviously tricked me, poisoned me, casted a spell to get me to act like a freaking idiot on a love fairy dust rush.

I remembered.

I know who I am and this definitely wasn’t it.

“I’m not real, this situation isn’t real.” I tried to whisper, but it came out as an accusing hiss. I snatched my hand away from him.

Unaffected by my abrupt outburst, Tom leaned back against the headrest and sighed. “It is real, and this is you. Babe, you’re what I want.”

“Jenna.” Mom called from the open doorway, waking me up with my heart beating like crazy.
I thought I’d closed my door last night.

“Yeah, I’m up, I’m getting up” I mumbled, blinking my eyes open.

What a weird dream.

And that’s it for now……….thanks!!!!

New Facebook fan page….

Hello everyone…I’ve decided to join in on the whole Facebook page……..I’ll be updating all the info on my upcoming books there as well and if you like me……give me a like on FACEBOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

kobo updates

For everyone that uses Kobo and has a crap file…sorry again…I have just gotten confirmation that the the updates are live, Except for What My Heart Wants, that one will take a couple of days to update.


Sorry a million times Kobo’ll never happen again.

Thinking of releasing WMHW early….

Hey guys….so the book is finished and I can’t wait for Tuesday either. I think I’ll be releasing my book earlier…maybe Sunday?

Be on the look out!


Okay….release date has officially changed….the book will be out on the 12am May 19th! Woahooooooo.
Amazon users you’ll probably get yours….a tiny bit sooner because I control my Amazon publishing page…So Sunday…..oh yeah!

Get ready to swoon, get ready to have your heart melt, I know mine did as I was writing it, I kept going aweee…..even my husband was like damn….*tear*

10am….Eastern Canada time 05/18/2014…just pressed the button for Amazon…..hopefully the book’ll be up in 12 hours or less!!!

Wahoooooooooooooooooooo Thanks Australia!!!!

Young Annabelle update and WMHW’s news and spot.

Hi all.

I recently re-edited Young Annabelle, took out some fat. If you downloaded it from Amazon, select automatic update under manage kindle, it should download the new copy.

I hope that’s how it works.

I also sent the files to Barnes and Apple, hopefully you can update from them soon.

here’s a little example how i changed things.

This excerpt is from Chapter 2 of YA

An hour and a half later, I was back in the employee change room, opening the purple lunch box from my childhood.

My first break was only fifteen minutes. In this time I could use the bathroom, eat, socialize, rest or chill in the locker room. What I couldn’t do was buy food in the club’s restaurant because employees weren’t allowed in there. The stands that offered food outside had yet to open. Mine was the only stand that opened early. Apparently it was never too early for freshly squeezed lemonade.

My stomach was growling and I knew that whatever mom had packed me wouldn’t even come close to satisfying the hunger pains.

“Just great!” I muttered quietly as I peered in at what I would unfortunately be faced with consuming.

Mom had given me a banana. She was trying to be nutritious yet playful at the same time. I hadn’t been called ‘Anna Banana’ in a while and the feeling of Mom and Dad attempting the whole ‘we just want our baby girl to be healthy’ thing was rubbing me the wrong way. My parents, especially my mom didn’t do sweet and cuddly. They were in your face, rash, and to the point despite your feelings. At least that’s how it’d been for the last few years. But recently, I’d been getting a few ‘Sweetie’s’ and ‘Sweethearts’. It freaked me out if I was being honest.  

Banana.  First break snack. Check.

For my second break, I pulled out a strawberry yogurt and turned it around so I could check the calories. Right under the nutritional information there was a red circle around total calories.

My mother’s antics were driving me mad. Why would she feel the need to circle the information?  The only thing calming me down was the fact that the entire yogurt was only 80 calories. Perhaps that was why it was circled; Mom thought it was an indulgence and a healthy choice at only 80 calories.

Pssttt……LOOK….LOOK…LOOOOOK….. at all the great diet choices I had….like this yogurt, which was only 80 calories. Gee, if I just continued to make great choices like this, well, I bet I’d be losing MORE weight in no time!


I threw the yogurt in the trash. I was making a statement. And that was….DON’T MARK MY FOOD. The banana stayed though. It wasn’t marked and I was hungry.

Plain and simple.

 I glanced up at the clock. My break was almost over. I took out the banana and threw the lunch box back inside my locker. Half a minute later, the banana peel hit the trash and I was out the door. 


WMHW news, I don’t know if you all saw, but I pushed the release date to May 20th. I need to make sure it’s error free. I’ll try to get it in sooner and save a couple of weeks before the May 20 release date.


Here’s a WMHW spot………enjoy

“You’re in my seat, Fireball.” James stated as I took my notebook out of my bag. I kind of knew he was going to say that and I had a witty response to fire back at him, but him calling me ‘Fireball’ again left me enraged…..making my blood boil.

“Don’t call me that,” I hissed, eyeing him sternly. “You never call me that again, you understand?”

His jaw clenched. “Stop acting like a bitch.”

My jaw dropped.

Um…..excuse me?

What did he just call me?

Before I could fire back, the bell rang and Mr. Doors shut the front door loudly, motioning everyone to stop talking.

I closed my mouth and shook my head at him as he started to smirk.


 “Okay, class, let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.” Mr. Doors began the lesson and I positioned my body so that James would face the side of my back. As class went on, James started making strange grunting noises on the down low. It reminded me of how he acted on the first day of school. And just like the first day, I was beginning to question his intelligence level.

Then it got worse. And when I say worse, it was more like, ‘I can’t believe it could get worse’ kind of way.

This guy had no shame.

At all.

“Oh James….more,” James moaned quietly in a soft feminine-like voice. “I want you James,”

My jaw literally dropped to the floor. What was he thinking?


What was wrong with him?

He was such a stupid asshole!

While Mr. Doors lectured loudly at the front, I could hear giggles from the students sitting around us. They could obviously hear James moaning. It took everything I had to not get up and hit him.

I had to stay calm.

“Baby, you make me feel so good,” He kept on going in the same hushed feminine voice. “Harder…faster, do me faster…..make me explode right now.”

The bell rang and I quickly stuffed my notebook into my bag.

I shook my head, desperately trying to keep my side to him so he wouldn’t see my heated face. I knew my face was turning red. After a few moments to collect myself, I faced him. He sat, leaning into his chair with a smirk on his face.

 “What?” James sneered quietly. “You got something you want to say?”

I exhaled through my nose. “Yeah, I do.” I got up from my seat and leaned into him. “You’re a dumbass.”

“Anything else?” James’s face became serious.

“There are too many things I want to call you right now.” I leaned back. “But I have to get to second period.”

James got up and stood beside me, eyeing me firmly. “That’s too bad,” He murmured. “I like it when you insult me.”

His fingers found their way to my bare arm, instantly resulting in intense shivers that I had to restrain my body from showing.



Andd………………that’s it….for now.

Sorry again for the delay.


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