New cover for Calling Ms. Kensington

I’ve changed the covers….for all of the XB Series.
Hope u all like it!


Say goodbye to Always Wanted, Wanted Always and Calling Forever…..three become One

As of this week, all three books in the Xander Barns series has been pulled from all retailers.

I have decided to merge the first three books of the Xander Barns Series into one book.

I will revise and re-edit everything and I will be adding brand new scenes that will make the story feel a little more complete then the way i left it off in Calling Forever.

It’s the same story, just more polished.

It’ll probably be out in …….

By the way Forever Calling You (Xander Barns #4) is still in the works.



Here’s the brand new cover.


Forever Calling You Spot….spicy…..Not for ages under 18

Greetings all.

I’m hard at work on FCY, trying to out do myself.

Here is a little spot…..from the manuscript.

Viewers discretion is advised. This is for 18 and over, there is ‘Sexual Content’ And ‘Coarse language’

“Is this a present for me?” My voice sounding muffled against her glistened inner thigh. Without waiting for her to respond, I showed my appreciation for her choice of undergarment by sliding my dripping tongue along her bare bikini line, making her moan.

“Oh My GOD!”

I loved red lace fabric. I loved it even more right now, as the delectable skin tight thong on this brunettes (I don’t remember her name) practically naked body.

It was so tight, showcasing her Brazilian in all its fucking, unbelievable glory. It was a perfect gift, even though it wasn’t my birthday, or Christmas. But, alas, a holiday wasn’t an excuse for Xander Barns to get gifts tailor made for him.

These things happened daily.
Because…..I was a fucking God.

“Reginald.” She moaned, sounding delirious as she repeated my ‘name’. I was never going to see her again after today, so a little fun was in order. I was only going to be in Vancouver for a few more days since this was Liam’s turf, where he handled most of his side of our family’s hotel business. I handled most of mine on the East coast, namely Toronto.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” I stroked, digging into the dampened lace fabric with the both of my thumbs, making her quiver uncontrollably. “Is this the greatest gift you’ve ever been given?”

“It…it…is.” She moaned, grabbing and twirling her fingers through my luscious locks. “I want…..want…more.”

More she wanted, then more she will get.

I had an hour before I had to get back to the hotel for that surprise meeting Liam was trying to have without me knowing. What shocked me if I was being honest, was that older brother would think I wouldn’t know what was going on in my own hotel, shared or not.

I had my spies everywhere.
Namely, the straight female and gay men on staff. They loved their charming, flirtatious boss enough to pass on top secret information.

What could I say, I had a way of convincing people to help me….even when they weren’t supposed to.

Not that I had ever fucked my staff. I left that sort of play for outside my business establishments. I didn’t mix business with pleasure. Not because I didn’t want to, but because older brother was always looking for a way to get me kicked out of our family’s hotel business.

That wasn’t going to happen.

I pulled her thong up higher, squeezing her clit.

“Regi_” She moaned, leaning her back into the wall.

“No, I’m talking now.” I commanded her, bending in to say hello to the most beautiful combination of skin and fabric I’d ever seen. “You wore this for me baby?”

“I did.” She moaned, grabbing one of her large boobies and squeezing the hard nipple. Her other hand dug into my scalp, pushing me in closer. “I knew you were going to come today. You’ve been here every day for past week. Same time.”

I pulled her thong up again, squeezing her lips tighter, urging them to come out more and not be shy.

They needed more motivation.

I leaned in, licking right where her pussy was, soaking the fabric until her pulsating lips surrendered, blossoming quickly, covered in my sweet saliva. I wrapped her pussy with my mouth, welcoming her sweet taste as it dripped through the newly darkened fabric. It was now a dark crimson verses the bright poppy red it was before. She wrapped her long sweaty legs around my neck, pulling my face further into her flaming heat, while I committed to chew at a very slow, mouth-watering pace.

Fuck…I’m hard.

“I told you to tell me a story with a happily ever after, you sick fuck!” Marisa cringed, even though her eyes were still closed.

“I was just about to get to it, but you rudely interrupted me. Geez, rude much!” I told her, readjusting my elbow into the pillow next to hers. “As I was saying, I chewed her pussy, slowly, methodically, until she came, groaning loudly, Reginald, Reginald, I’m….I’m exploding!”

“Jesus Christ, you’re disgusting.” Marisa muttered, tucking her face into the pillow.

“She came on every inch of my face and after I licked her dry, it was her turn to return the favor. She deep throated me, sucking me, taking everything out of me. It was so beautiful.” I sniffed, remembering that time eight months ago when I had to spend more than a week in Vancouver because of Liam’s antics. “She gave me her panties after, got dressed back in her Second Cup uniform, gave me my coffee and I left. Happily ever after.”

“Fucking hell.” Marisa whispered.

Calling Ms. Kensington Spot!!! You don’t mess with the craziest bitch in school…not when she wants something


I am hard at work, trying to organize my brain from exploding with all the ideas I have and all the stories I have to write. Hopefully it’ll all come out good.

I hope.

As for when this book comes out and Forever Calling You, it shouldn’t be too much longer…..I also hope.

Anyways Here is a little spot from Calling Ms. Kensington.

Who doesn’t like a crazy bitch every now and then.

Calling Ms. Kensington

I believed it was the great Gandhi who said, high school was a stage in every person’s life that defined them for the rest of their lives.

The losers would stay as the losers, and the winners, well we’d keep on winning after graduation. Ready to conquer the world, because that’s how God intended it to be.

Take me for instance, I was a winner. I walked the hallways of William Lionheart High every day knowing there wasn’t one person within a hundred foot radius that could match me.

Who was I?

Well I thought you’d never ask.

My name is Marisol Kensington and I run things here.

As someone in charge, you’d think I would be a shoe in for Prom Queen. But, horrendously, that wasn’t the case today.

This wasn’t a joke. This was my life and until today, it had been going exactly to plan. Meaning, whatever I wanted, I got.

No questions asked.

No rivals to oppose.

No obstacles to face and conquer ruthlessly.

No one I knew would be that stupid to go against me. Even people I didn’t know who knew of me, knew it wasn’t a good idea to go against me.

Until today.

When the head of the prom committee, a fat ass by the name of Stephanie Dingleberry, announced the candidates for Prom Queen over the morning announcements, my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

Naturally I was expecting a few names to pop up against mine. Names of girls who had no chance against me, but because of some stupid rule set by the school trying to promote ‘fairness’, they were allowed to compete anyways.

Not that they’d actually try to win. They knew what would happen to them if they disrespected me like that.

Something not very nice.



April 2nd 2008

Dear Diary

Currently, there are three people in this world that I hate. The first person I’m going to address is Marcellas Riveaux. When I added his name to my official hate list of the year, there was nobody more surprised than myself, considering we had been casual acquaintances for most of high school. I thought he knew his place, but obviously not.

That piece of shit awhile back went all crazy and announced to the entire school his dream of becoming prom queen during assembly. I blew it off, thinking it was a pipe dream since he had a dick. But today, something disgusting happened, something revolting.

Some idiot at my school decided it was good idea to nominate him and since it was 2008, well the fucking school board decided it was okay!

He had a dick!

How could someone who had a dick become prom queen?

I didn’t understand.

Did you?

Dearest Diary, I’ve come to you with problems spanning over the last ten years. I’ve written in you daily and invested emotionally without even blinking once. After baring my soul, my deepest darkest secrets, I would come out a calm person. But this time, I didn’t feel rejuvenated.

I was still unhappy.

This year was supposed to be my year.

My FUCKING year.

Frinta had some fucking explaining to do, because that Marcy, who was a boy, was supposed to be her friend.


The next day….

“Excuse me?” I hissed to Frinta.

Frinta had put her hands up, as if that could calm me down. “Ris, calm down.”

I knocked her hand out of the way. “Calm down?”

“He’s not going to win, there’s no way.” Frinta assured.

I leaned into her and whispered. “Listen here, little maggot, this is my fucking year.”

“Everyone knows that.” Frinta gulped, her hands shaking against her underserving slim hips. “It was Jenny Elizabeth Newton! She’s the one who nominated Marcy.”

A low growl hissed through my teeth and I glanced away. “That bitch has a fucking dark heart. How come I’m the only who can see this?”

“I don’t know.” Frinta stuttered.

My beautiful blue eyes snapped back to her and I leaned forward. “Wake up! It’s time to wake up and smell that nasty shit you exploded out of your ass last night, when you FUCKED UP YESTERDAY!

Frinta gulped. “I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you’re disgusting. What kind of an ally are you?” I shook my head at her, disappointed. “Have you no pride?”

“I do!” Frinta whimpered, pathetically.

“Then why is Marcy boy going for Prom Queen? If he knew his place in life, then he’d know that title would never be his. He has a dick. Dicks don’t become prom queen.” I shrieked.

Her tiny head shook, nervously. “I don’t know.”

“He’s your friend. I’m holding you responsible…you.” I pointed into her flat chest, making her wince. “You’re going to find a way to fix this, or else you can say goodbye to me and Johnny Thomas. I know you want to suck his dick. Do you think after the shit you’ve pulled that I’m going to put in a good word for you to him? Dream on, little maggot.”

“I thought we were friends.” She cried.

I snorted, flicking my long beautiful blonde hair to the side. “Friends? Do I look like someone who does friends? Take a look, take a good long look. I’m not here to make your life easier or happier. I’m the fucking Queen of this school and it’s your job as maggot to make my life happier and easier. That’s the closest thing to being a friend of mine as you’re ever going to get. Do you understand?” I sneered.

She nodded. “I do.”

“Good.” I snapped, turning around to walk out of the utility closet. “Don’t let this happen again, because next time, I won’t shove you in a fucking janitor’s closet. I’ll be shoving you down the stairs, you weak bitch.”

One week later….

She didn’t fix the problem and as of today, Marcy boy became an official candidate for prom queen.

As for Frinta, she wasn’t on my hate list of people because she’d been punished accordingly.

I hope her cast came off before prom.

I wasn’t crazy, I just knew what I wanted in life.

And if you…..or you…..or you….and yes….even you, aren’t useful in me getting to where I need to be, well……hurry the fuck up and get out of my way.

Or risk becoming collateral damage.

I warned you.

Remember that when you’re on the ground crying for mommy. Remember that and then realize this, you can’t blame a God for doing things that’s just in their nature.

I was here to dominate.

Something like that…..hoped you enjoyed it…..I know i did muhahahaaaaa


Young Annabelle update and WMHW’s news and spot.

Hi all.

I recently re-edited Young Annabelle, took out some fat. If you downloaded it from Amazon, select automatic update under manage kindle, it should download the new copy.

I hope that’s how it works.

I also sent the files to Barnes and Apple, hopefully you can update from them soon.

here’s a little example how i changed things.

This excerpt is from Chapter 2 of YA

An hour and a half later, I was back in the employee change room, opening the purple lunch box from my childhood.

My first break was only fifteen minutes. In this time I could use the bathroom, eat, socialize, rest or chill in the locker room. What I couldn’t do was buy food in the club’s restaurant because employees weren’t allowed in there. The stands that offered food outside had yet to open. Mine was the only stand that opened early. Apparently it was never too early for freshly squeezed lemonade.

My stomach was growling and I knew that whatever mom had packed me wouldn’t even come close to satisfying the hunger pains.

“Just great!” I muttered quietly as I peered in at what I would unfortunately be faced with consuming.

Mom had given me a banana. She was trying to be nutritious yet playful at the same time. I hadn’t been called ‘Anna Banana’ in a while and the feeling of Mom and Dad attempting the whole ‘we just want our baby girl to be healthy’ thing was rubbing me the wrong way. My parents, especially my mom didn’t do sweet and cuddly. They were in your face, rash, and to the point despite your feelings. At least that’s how it’d been for the last few years. But recently, I’d been getting a few ‘Sweetie’s’ and ‘Sweethearts’. It freaked me out if I was being honest.  

Banana.  First break snack. Check.

For my second break, I pulled out a strawberry yogurt and turned it around so I could check the calories. Right under the nutritional information there was a red circle around total calories.

My mother’s antics were driving me mad. Why would she feel the need to circle the information?  The only thing calming me down was the fact that the entire yogurt was only 80 calories. Perhaps that was why it was circled; Mom thought it was an indulgence and a healthy choice at only 80 calories.

Pssttt……LOOK….LOOK…LOOOOOK….. at all the great diet choices I had….like this yogurt, which was only 80 calories. Gee, if I just continued to make great choices like this, well, I bet I’d be losing MORE weight in no time!


I threw the yogurt in the trash. I was making a statement. And that was….DON’T MARK MY FOOD. The banana stayed though. It wasn’t marked and I was hungry.

Plain and simple.

 I glanced up at the clock. My break was almost over. I took out the banana and threw the lunch box back inside my locker. Half a minute later, the banana peel hit the trash and I was out the door. 


WMHW news, I don’t know if you all saw, but I pushed the release date to May 20th. I need to make sure it’s error free. I’ll try to get it in sooner and save a couple of weeks before the May 20 release date.


Here’s a WMHW spot………enjoy

“You’re in my seat, Fireball.” James stated as I took my notebook out of my bag. I kind of knew he was going to say that and I had a witty response to fire back at him, but him calling me ‘Fireball’ again left me enraged…..making my blood boil.

“Don’t call me that,” I hissed, eyeing him sternly. “You never call me that again, you understand?”

His jaw clenched. “Stop acting like a bitch.”

My jaw dropped.

Um…..excuse me?

What did he just call me?

Before I could fire back, the bell rang and Mr. Doors shut the front door loudly, motioning everyone to stop talking.

I closed my mouth and shook my head at him as he started to smirk.


 “Okay, class, let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.” Mr. Doors began the lesson and I positioned my body so that James would face the side of my back. As class went on, James started making strange grunting noises on the down low. It reminded me of how he acted on the first day of school. And just like the first day, I was beginning to question his intelligence level.

Then it got worse. And when I say worse, it was more like, ‘I can’t believe it could get worse’ kind of way.

This guy had no shame.

At all.

“Oh James….more,” James moaned quietly in a soft feminine-like voice. “I want you James,”

My jaw literally dropped to the floor. What was he thinking?


What was wrong with him?

He was such a stupid asshole!

While Mr. Doors lectured loudly at the front, I could hear giggles from the students sitting around us. They could obviously hear James moaning. It took everything I had to not get up and hit him.

I had to stay calm.

“Baby, you make me feel so good,” He kept on going in the same hushed feminine voice. “Harder…faster, do me faster…..make me explode right now.”

The bell rang and I quickly stuffed my notebook into my bag.

I shook my head, desperately trying to keep my side to him so he wouldn’t see my heated face. I knew my face was turning red. After a few moments to collect myself, I faced him. He sat, leaning into his chair with a smirk on his face.

 “What?” James sneered quietly. “You got something you want to say?”

I exhaled through my nose. “Yeah, I do.” I got up from my seat and leaned into him. “You’re a dumbass.”

“Anything else?” James’s face became serious.

“There are too many things I want to call you right now.” I leaned back. “But I have to get to second period.”

James got up and stood beside me, eyeing me firmly. “That’s too bad,” He murmured. “I like it when you insult me.”

His fingers found their way to my bare arm, instantly resulting in intense shivers that I had to restrain my body from showing.



Andd………………that’s it….for now.

Sorry again for the delay.

New Cover For Young Annabelle! Again….I know

Hello, hello!

I decided to change the cover for Young Annabelle……….again………I think this one is better.

I hope. I pray….please!

Here you go!



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