You’re What I Want Excerpt

You’re What I Want – Excerpt

“Hell no! My Princess, Champion Swimmer, swims in the best gear known to man!” Dad hollered again. “Only the best, so those scouts will forget about the rest. The Warrior, the Speedy Queen herself, faster than a sea of dolphins combined, the rock star, Jenna ‘The Wave Crasher’ Sabini, super star swimmer!”

“You got that right!” I hollered back, giving one last wahoo before I took a deep breath and resumed back to a normal high school student who had no ego. “Okay, enough of that now, Dad. Remember what we talked about. The ego boosting stays behind closed doors, always. I’m going to open the door now.” I slid the van door open and stepped out. I swung my backpack on and held the duffle by its straps.

“Have a great day! Champ!” He yelled, and my face turned red. I hope nobody heard that.

“Dad!” I shrieked and he laughed as I shut the door closed. As he drove off, I shook my head.He was always shouting things like that on purpose. He wanted everyone to know who I really ‘was’. I was a star in his eyes. But that didn’t mean everybody else in school was going to share in that feeling. Especially the girls. They did not take kindly to amazing, superstar athletes like myself overshadowing them.

It was lonely at the top sometimes.


Did somebody just call for a Warrior?

Hoped you liked it.



Let’s listen to ‘Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe’ by Jessie Ware and venture into XB’s World….4…. right now..

He leaned in closer, his face a few inches from mine. His eyelids opened and for a moment, I was lost in a hurricane. With the tip of his index finger, he outlined my lip. “That’s my territory.”

My lips were on fire. “Go fuck yourself.” I whispered as he moved his fingers towards my forehead, where a few strands of hair that were covering my eyes are pushed to the side.

“Only if we’re together.” He whispered. I jerked my chin upwards, trying to show defiance, but his fingers slid down my cheek.

“Go screw yourself.” I whispered as he caressed my jawline.

“Again, only together.” He whispered and fell to his back, lying to my side.

I pushed myself up and leaned over him, using my left hand to support my weight. “Then why don’t you drop dead.”

He leaned the side of his head next to my hand, rubbing his warm cheek against my skin while his eyes closed. “And again, only together.” He murmured, barely coherent.

Bending the arm held captive by his cheek, I rested the side of my face against his chest. “Together?” I murmured, using my right hand to clear his forehead of messy hair.

He dipped his head down, my fingers trailing down his jawline. He lifted his head off my left hand and opened his eyes, blue swirls alive with the ferocity of lightening. “Always.”

FCY – XB4 – the PG version…LOL :-)

New Facebook fan page….

Hello everyone…I’ve decided to join in on the whole Facebook page……..I’ll be updating all the info on my upcoming books there as well and if you like me……give me a like on FACEBOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

kobo updates

For everyone that uses Kobo and has a crap file…sorry again…I have just gotten confirmation that the the updates are live, Except for What My Heart Wants, that one will take a couple of days to update.


Sorry a million times Kobo’ll never happen again.

Thinking of releasing WMHW early….

Hey guys….so the book is finished and I can’t wait for Tuesday either. I think I’ll be releasing my book earlier…maybe Sunday?

Be on the look out!


Okay….release date has officially changed….the book will be out on the 12am May 19th! Woahooooooo.
Amazon users you’ll probably get yours….a tiny bit sooner because I control my Amazon publishing page…So Sunday…..oh yeah!

Get ready to swoon, get ready to have your heart melt, I know mine did as I was writing it, I kept going aweee…..even my husband was like damn….*tear*

10am….Eastern Canada time 05/18/2014…just pressed the button for Amazon…..hopefully the book’ll be up in 12 hours or less!!!

Wahoooooooooooooooooooo Thanks Australia!!!!


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