Young Annabelle Series

I watched a movie last night and after it was finished I decided to make my Young Annabelle Series (book 1-3) for free. I don’t know if people just don’t like my writing, or maybe they have a bad taste in their mouthes from my previous works, but I hope doing this will convert some readers into believers.

Anyways, download it. Enjoy it, if not, burn the copy in your mind and curse it to hell. Or not.


Right now the only place the book is up for free is KOBO. Currently I’m trying to price match it with Amazon, so that should also take a few days.

You’re What I Want Spot!!!! out on September 30th 2014

Greetings all.

This book will now be out on September 30th 2014, sorry for the delay, but time is not my best friend right now, it’s my MORTAL ENEMY NOW!!!!

I know, it’s been a long..long..long…long time since I’ve put any Spots. But have no fear, because finally, I’ve got one for you guys, even though the book is coming out soon!!!

Anyways, here you all go! I’ll probably be putting up some more spots soon!!!!

You’re What I Want Spot

August 1st 1999

Jenna – four years old.

“Standing at three foot, two inches tall, the Warrior, the Speedy Queen herself, faster than a sea of dolphins combined, it’s our rock star, Jenna ‘The Wave Crasher’ Sabini, super star swimmer!” My dad hollered.

Sporting my red and white pinstriped bathing suit, with my favorite ‘Little Mermaid’ towel wrapped around my neck as my cape, I ran my hand over my collection of ‘Little Mermaid’ stickers on my bed post for good luck before making my presence known into the next room. “Super Jenna!” I hollered with a huge smile, shooting through my bedroom into the connected living room of our three-bedroom apartment in Kissimmee, Florida.

“Jenna!” My mom, dad and older brother Robby who was seven, cheered as I ran with my arms out. They stood in front of our new twenty-inch cube television. I stopped in front of them, crying out one last victorious roar. I planted my hands to my waist, posing like ‘Superman’ would have.

Dad crouched down, meeting me at eyelevel. “The big winner in the Little Mini Relay. Bringing home the Gold as the fasted freestyler in the entire race. Jenna ‘The Wave Crasher Rocket Swimmer’ Sabini!” Dad rejoiced, with the world’s biggest smile on his face. My arms shot up, pumping them to the chants of my name.

Dad picked me up in one quick swoop, swinging me in his arms high up in the air. “You did it again, Princess!”

“I did it again, Daddy!” My little voice rejoiced. I turned in his arms at Mom who had picked up Robby. “I did it, Mommy. I did it, Robby!”

Robby’s arms shot out. “You’re a champion! My little sister’s a champion!”

I glanced back at Dad, beaming. “I’m really a champion, Daddy?”

He nodded. “You’re always our champion, Princess.”

“Yay!” I squealed.

Later that night, after I was put to bed, cuddling underneath my ‘Little Mermaid’ covers, I heard Mom and Dad discussing something in the living room.

“We got the house, Tony?” Mom gasped, all of a sudden.

“Yeah,” Dad answered, excitedly. “Greg just called me, the other relator just called him about the home owners accepting our offer.”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe it. We have a house!” Mom gasped, louder.

“I told you I’d give you a house, Natalie.” Dad said.

I heard Mom sniffing. “It’s finally happening. A house.”

I squealed into my pillow. A house! We were going to move to a house! A big place, with a backyard where I could play with Robby all day long. Today was the best day of my life.

One month later, a day after moving into our new house….

“Jenna, baby?” Mom had turned from the front seat of our red minivan. “You excited for your first day of school?”

I nodded, fluffing out my pink and white polka dot dress, wishing I could have worn my candy cane striped swimsuit to my first day of preschool instead. “I’m a big girl! I’m going to a big girl’s school today, right?”

“That’s right.” Dad chuckled, manoeuvring the car into a parking spot.

Robby unbuckled his seatbelt. “I can’t wait! I’m a first grader today!”

“Yay!” Mom shouted, opening her door.

“Yay!” I shouted too. I was so happy for him. Mom got out of the van and opened the back door. She kissed me on my forehead before unbuckling me out of my car seat. “Look how pretty my little baby is.” She squealed, pulling me out.

I pouted as she put me down on to the ground. “I’m not a baby, I’m a big girl.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Mom said. She kissed me on the cheek and straightened my dress. “How about, my Cutie, Polka dot-y, Princess?”

“Yay, I’m a Princess!” I squealed, taking Mom’s hand as she grabbed my ‘Little Mermaid’ mini backpack. I let go of her hand as she hung the straps over my tiny arms. Mom took my hand and led me to the front of the car where Robby and Dad were waiting. Robby had on his ‘Transformers’ backpack. I looked at Dad, grinning at how tall he was. My dad was practically a giant. “I’m a Princess, Daddy?”

He grinned down at me. “Princess, Champion Swimmer.”

My jaw dropped for a second before it slowly snapped into a bewildered smile. “I’m a Princess, Champion Swimmer?”

“Faster than a rocket.” Dad said.

“Faster than a rocket!” I squealed, looking at Robby. “I’m faster than a rocket!”

Robby scowled. “Yeah, well I’m stronger.”

He could have that. We went up the stairs towards the Royal Heights Elementary School sign, it was right above the entrance.

“Wow.” I whispered as we crossed the patio. “A big girl’s school.”

After we’d gone to the office, we dropped off Robby at his grade one classroom. Mom cried, hugging him too hard before he pulled away claiming he couldn’t breathe anymore. We went down the hall to the Pre-School hallway. There were paintings and drawings, and craft cut outs all over the walls. Would I be doing that too? Would they put my drawings up on the walls too? I hoped so.

“What do we have here?” A loud voice exclaimed, making me cringe. I glanced up and right outside an open doorway stood another giant, a woman this time. She was almost as tall as Dad. She had long black hair. Just like me. And her eyes were brown. Also like me. But she was still scary looking.

“This is Jenna.” Mom answered for me as I hid behind Dad’s tree long legs. I was safe there.

“Hello, Jenna.” The scary woman grinned down at me.

“Don’t be scared,” Dad crouched down beside me. “Remember who you are.”

I took a breath before answering. “I’m a Champion Swimmer, Princess.” I said in a small voice.

“Wow, you’re smart and athletic, wow.” The not so scary lady said. Her smile was like a rainbow now. She held out her hand to me. “Come inside, we’re coloring now. You like coloring?”

I nodded and turned to my parents, saying goodbye. Mom cried while hugging me tightly. After I pulled away from her tight hold, Dad hugged me quickly and whispered a reminder before letting me go. “Remember who you are, always.” I nodded to him and took my new teacher’s hand, whose name was Miss Jane. She led me inside to the most colourful, pretty room I’d ever seen. Even prettier than Barbie’s Dream House and that was because of all the crayons and colored paper everywhere.

Miss Jane led me to a table where there was an empty chair and two boys and two girls sitting. “You can sit at this table with Annabelle, Matthew, Dana and Roy.” She told me before turning to the four. “Everyone, say hello to Jenna. She’s new.”

Each one of them said ‘Hello’ to me with a little wave. I sat in the empty seat. It was next to Annabelle. I grabbed a blue crayon and began drawing a swimming pool on the white paper in front of me. Halfway done, Annabelle began to cry.

“Stop, I grabbed the green crayon first.” She cried, trying to wrestle the green crayon away from Matthew.

Matthew scowled, holding the green crayon away from Annabelle’s flailing arms. “I need it. I’m coloring a tree. A tree is green and brown.”

Annabelle wiped the tears from her face. “But I’m coloring a green dress.”

Matthew stuck his tongue out. “That’s stupid. Girls don’t wear green dresses. They only wear red, pink and white. That’s what my older brother says.”

I had enough of this. I got up and went to the empty table behind me. There was a package of crayons there and clearly nobody was using them. I took the green crayon and sat back in my seat.

“Here.” I held the green crayon to Annabelle as she wiped her nose. She slowly took the crayon out of my hand and stared at it.

“Thank you.” She sniffed, smiling.

I glanced at Matthew, who gave me a mean-y face. “I think green dresses are pretty.” I stuck my tongue out to him and before he could say anything back, Miss Jane spoke.

“Everybody, come to the magic circle please.”

Dana, Roy and Matthew dropped their crayons and ran to the circular carpet across the room with the rest of the kids. I got up from my seat at the same time as Annabelle. She was wearing a purple dress with black sparkly shoes. Pretty shoes. My shoes were pink.

She looked at me. “You want to be my best friend?”

I thought about it for a second before answering her. “Okay. I’m a Champion Swimmer, Princess. And I’m faster than a rocket.” I told her as we crossed the room in unison.

“I’m a banana.” She said.

My jaw dropped. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yep! I’m not lying, honest.”

My new best friend was a banana…wow!

and that’ssss it for now…hoped you all enjoyed it!!!!!!

Xander Barns Series (Book #1-3) is up for free!

I’ve decided to put this book up for free…..enjoy! Right now it’s up for free at Itunes and Smashwords, the other retailers will convert to free soon…hopefully!


Kobo has it for free now!

Added something to the cover…..everyone….say hello to Xander!!!
I’m laughing like crazy starin at it!!!

Merged the first 3 books in the Y.A Series!

I have decided to merge the first three books in my Y.A Series into one book so people…readers….can read it as a standalone.

And I made a SWEET cover for it.

QUESTION: Do I make too many covers and write not enough books to go with those covers? I’m too slow. Jesus, I don’t get myself sometimes. I need to work faster. I need a 1-800 hotline….covers anonymous! I’m addicted to making them. I run at a ten percent capacity…….what I do for the other 90 percent….stare a hole in my wall, daydream, talking to myself….don’t comment on that one! :-)

What’s wrong with you Sarah?

Me: Lot’s of things….:-)

I can’t help it if I can’t find somebody more fascinating to talk to than myself.

Really…I’m not lying.

I told my husband, I only need to do two things to get my life really rolling…..

He asked: What do you have to do?

Me: Eat less and type more.

I do these two things more…….I’ll be an inspiration, a super hero, others will follow my lead and be amazed at my wisdom that I did what needed to be done to make a CHANGE in my life!

My husband: So, are you going to do that?

Me: ehhhhh……Maybe I’ll start tommorow. RIght now I want Mcdonalds and I’m tired from doing nothing all day today.

It make’s sense in my head.


New Facebook fan page….

Hello everyone…I’ve decided to join in on the whole Facebook page……..I’ll be updating all the info on my upcoming books there as well and if you like me……give me a like on FACEBOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

The drama continues between Annabelle and James… Don’t Stop Holding Me (Y.A #5)

Date of Release: Unknown for now.


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