Sneak peak YWIW

A little YWIW…..still working on it. I’m thinking 300 pages.


XB Series Order of Books

Xander Barns Series new order of books.

Always Wanted: Book 1

Always Wanted Forever (Formally books 1-2-3) – Book 2

Calling Ms. Kensington: Book 3

Forever Calling You: Book 4


So….on recent news…..made a decision today to put up Always Wanted Forever up for free. Currently it’s up for free on ibooks and Kobo.

Keep a look out in the next few days for other places.

Writing What You Want!

July is XB preparation month. It’s been a long time coming, but I guess everything happens for a reason. I also hope to have Calling Ms. Kensington out at the same time. It’ll be like 150 pages and it’ll be known as BOOK 3 in the Xander Barns Series. Now, if you don’t want to read it you don’t need to to follow the series of Xander and Marisa, it all comes out eventually. It’s a fun little addition to the series though…in my opinion.

On another note, I’m kind of happy it took the time it did for me to write Forever Calling You. This past year has been sort of a market research for me. Information that ended up clearing the vision for the series. God knows it would have went a completely…..different route. Not that I changed my style but sometimes too much of a certain thing makes it boring. I remember writing Calling You and I loved it, but it had a very, very, very different response from readers. They thought the story was going one way, which was a tad more romantic and I basically took everybody down a rabbit hole filled with chaos and confusion. I remember some of the reviews, but one in particular. There was this girl (I’m assuming) from Australia who was so disappointed and that my book left a bitter taste in her mouth because of where I took the story. I’ll never forget reading her review and of course I got a 1/5 stars which I’m not unaccustomed to getting because I’m not your typical story teller. But her 1/5 and review killed me, because I don’t want to leave a bitter taste in anyones mouth.

Maybe in a few years I’ll be like screw everybody, I’m a genius!
Just kidding!

Anyways….I’ve come to a conclusion in my two plus years writing ‘novels’ for a living, that this is a business at the end of the day and if I don’t make my readers happy I’ll be back serving pizza in an oven of a restuarant for ten hour shifts (my old job of seven years) wondering where I went wrong.
60/40…..sixty percent keep the readers happy and forty percent keep me happy with my fun…crazy…style.

thanks for reading this.

XB Series
1) Always Wanted
2) Always Wanted Forever
3) Calling Ms. Kensington
4) Forever Calling You

Xander’s coming…..

It’s time to put an end to the misery…my misery….I set a date of sept 29th 2015 to give me enough time. What can I say, I couldn’t have written this book last year, I didn’t have it in me.
But nowsadiffernstoray…….yeah I won’t be sleeping for the next month…but oh well. :-) I hope you all will like it. But I’m not ready to say goodbye to this guy…he’s crazy like that.

Forever Calling You41

Some XB passages…..Mu-ha-ha-ha

Warning. You know the drill.

“Hey, Doc. Keep your dick away from my boyfriend’s ass. He’s got the clap, you know. There’s sores and everything. Got his special asshole cream right here.” I pull out a tube of hand cream from my bag and wave it out. I pull my arm back inside the car and pretend to ‘read’ the instructions out loud. “Apply every four hours and if the problem persists visit a proctologist, right away.”

They shake hands, although I think it’s reluctant on behalf of the doctor, because you know I know he wanted a piece of Xander’s ass in exchange for whatever deal they had going on. Xander makes his way back to the SUV, swaying his hips like the evil, narcissistic playboy he is. The doctor’s eyes are nowhere else but on Xander’s rear. Honestly, I see drool on the side of his lip. He wants a piece of that ass, right now….

Something like that….

Writing to music?

Working on side by sides…CMK….FCY….right now.
I like listening to the band ‘FILTER’ while writing CMK and for parts of FCY….it’s perfect music for the types of scenes I’m writing. Different scenes though, different music, it can range from something sexy R&B-ish to full on dark and creepy.
Although, I do prefer darker music.
In fact the main song I listen for CMK is this dark….eerie track by ‘SNOW GHOSTS’ called ‘Lost at Sea’
Here’s the link:
I love this song.
Everything intertwines…Xander will make an appearance in CMK.

Working at a snail’s pace….what is wrong with me?

Now it’s time to work on CMK (Calling Ms. Kensington). I keep going back and forth with this book, whether or not i should do it, especially if the market isn’t a lot, but my heart breaks a little every time i think about typing **CANCELED** on it’s Goodreads page.
Some people don’t like Demetria, but she’s a part of the story. I love her wacky stalker like tendencies. She’s so fucked in the head, my kind of girl.
My fav!
She’s a crazy bitch and I’ve got some funny things in store for her. I’m laughing just thinking about it.
The story is almost done, and if i must so say myself it leads nicely into XB4.
On another note, I know I’m unusually slow. It’s so weird, because other authors are coming out with books left and right and I feel like I’m moving like at a snails pace. I probably am. It is honestly driving me crazy. I lose my mind over this at least a thousand times a day.
I should have had a million books out by now. It’s been a year…a freaking year…..(I’m so shocked right now)
Watch out for new work coming from me. I’ll have a million books coming out in no time.
No short books. I hate short books. Learned my lesson.
Ugh…I hate short books….question though….what would you guys define as a short book?
Less than 100, 150, 200, 250, 275 or 300???


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