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Forever Calling You Update!

I’ve taken forever with this book. I wish I was writing XB 8 by now, but sadly that’s not the case.

But it’s coming together and I’m going to put this book out soon.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the beginning. I hope you all like it.

Forever Calling You41

Copyright© 2015 Sarah Tork


Sunday July 10th 1994

Past midnight, all show ponies were at their worst. Monsters should take notes, because our hearts raced past limits unprecedented by their ancestors. Here, right now, emerged a new kind of villain, one where heroes weren’t given medals for attacking back.

You took the good with the bad in life, hence tonight’s events… AURIBUS TENEO LUPUM.

The closet reeked of eye stinging perfume that smelt like a garden of roses dissolving in acid. The need to choke loudly was strong. Chemicals stupid people sprayed themselves with would be the enigma of my lifetime. Although, if I were to guess, the mistaken allure of a potent scent was the deciding factor in which these women (and in some cases men too) made the decision in which to defile their skin so that magically, poof, like putty in their delicate hands were their desires in question. Like I said, I’d never understand it.

Halfway into opening presents of classic toy car sets, magic kits, beige knitted sweaters, video games for Super Nintendo, CDs… across the grand room filled with two hundred of our family’s closest peers, an exhibition took place where eating cake turned into the visual description of foreplay. Tonight’s prize stood with her eye on another prize. Shortly after, children immersed themselves in the chaos of opened present goodness while Audacious Greed nonchalantly followed Obvious Greed out the room, never to return.

Until now that is.

“Are you going to do it, are you going to finally… do it!” Downstairs in the study, fucking a whore like a banshee on steroids, the villain was located as gift number one, the fancy diamond watch on my wrist marked a quarter after midnight.

“Fucking take it, take it!”

“Can’t you see that I love you, and only you!”

“Yes, yes, that’s right, that’s just how I like it!”

“Love me, love me, tell me you…. love me!”


How illogical and stupid of Obvious Greed to presume Audacious Greed would know anything about…. L.O.V.E.

I felt almost bad for Obvious Greed… but not quite. Not when hiding in a room, filled with shiny things plastic people liked too much, was the one person who needed to take a stand, but didn’t. Lying on the ground, staring at her extravagant chandelier, transfixed on painkillers I knew she’d started popping after noticing cake on fork slow lick number one…. was my mom.

I cleared my throat. “Are you okay?”

She smiled in that dazed kind of way. “My babies turned ten today.”

Mom’s sedated state screamed CARPE NOCTEM to the greedy ‘couple’ downstairs. Her nonchalance killed my soul, but I shrugged emulating her ‘mood’ anyways. “Technically, it was yesterday.”

Despite the carefree smile, her blue eyes were glassy and distant. “My babies turned ten today. Mommy’s so proud of you two, you know that right?”

Heart beating fast, I gulped. “Sure.”

“Go find your brother, bring him to me.”


I closed the door behind me and entered the hallway where earplugs were pointless. To avoid scarring my eardrums further, I rushed to our rec room and found my brother playing video games with the volume at maximum. We all had our ways of coping, my brother’s was with the remote.

“Mom needs you.” I informed.

“Alright.” He sighed and paused the game mid fight and dropped the controller onto the couch. He shrugged out of his black suit jacket and yanked off his white bow tie. “Ugh, I couldn’t breathe with that thing on tonight. Why are you still wearing yours?”

My identical black suit jacket was currently hanging in my closet. My blue bow tie however was still wrapped around my neck. In a similar fashion, I yanked if off and threw it across the room. “There, now let’s go. Mom needs us.”

My brother came up to me, slightly taller and smirked down. “She needs me, you mean.”

“Shut up.” I shoved his shoulder. “Stop wasting my time with your bullshit.”

“Fuck you, you’re just jealous.” he snarled and left the room without me. I caught up easily and he bumped his shoulder roughly into mine. “Princess bitch.”

“Love you too,” I sneered, shaking my head at our bond taking another hit.

My bro’s in another world, there’s no regret in his eyes. He rushed ahead and entered the master suite. “Mom?”

“Darling, in here.” Mom called from her closet. The door was open. We entered and the perfume this time assaulted both our senses. Mom was sitting on the fluffy beige carpet, dressed in a silk floral nightgown and robe she’d gotten in Paris last month. She motioned for us to sit beside her and we did. With her arms wrapped around each of our shoulders, she gave us each a kiss on the cheek. “My babies turned ten today.”

“Yesterday, Mom.” my brother corrected.

“I know, I know.” She chuckled for a second before looking serious again. “You’re not so little anymore_”

“It’s either now, or never! How can you deny this still? The whole house heard! Your family heard everything!”

“Shut up, this is your last warning!”

Mom gulped while her body shook. “It’s gonna be okay, you boys understand, right?”

My brother closed his eyes and hid his face behind her shoulder. “Mommy,” he whispered, sounding distressed. “I’m sorry.”

Her lips trembled while her eyes became teary. “I’m sorry too.”

“That’s it, I’m done with you!”

“Get the fuck out of my house then, you whore!”

“Don’t ever call me again! I mean it this time! I’ve had enough of your games!”

The front door slammed shut, startling us. My brother jerked back and eyed the doorway nervously. Mom touched his shoulder. “It’s okay, darling. Don’t worry, okay.”

My heart raced, hearing the heavy stomp head up the stairs, coming our way, probably appeased, sedated past comfort, and emotionally satisfied despite creating havoc for the rest of us.

“Please,” Mom whispered to the both of us, knowing my brother and I were at our wits’ end.

Looking at my mom, slowly the ever-compliant Madeline Barns 2.0 was taking form. Fakeness exuded as she plastered her signature plastic smile. She ushered us out quickly and told us to go to our rooms before slamming her door shut.

“I’m going…. back to the rec room.” my brother mumbled with his head down. Sighing loudly, I followed behind him, hoping the mindless killing of five armed beasts could aid our disgruntled souls.


Something like that….I hope you all liked it so far.


You’re What I Want (Y.A Series Book 4) Update.

So, finally the time has come, book 4 in my Y.A Series is finished and in process at online retailers.

So while you wait for the book to appear at online retail sites, here’s the Prologue, and a few pages of Chapter 1.

I hope you all enjoy it.



Copyright© 2015 Sarah Tork


Sunday August 1st 1999

Sporting a red and white candy cane striped bathing suit, with my favorite mermaid towel wrapped around my neck as my cape, I ran into the living room of our two-bedroom apartment in Kissimmee, Florida.

“Super Jenna!” My mom, dad and older brother Robby who was seven, cheered in front of our new thirty two-inch cube television. I stopped in front of them, cried out one last victorious roar and planted my hands to my waist, posing like a superhero would have.

“You did it again, Princess!” Dad picked me up in one quick swoop, swinging me in his arms. “The big winner in the Little Mini Relay. Bringing home the Gold as the fasted freestyler in the entire race. Jenna ‘The Wave Crasher Rocket Swimmer’ Sabini!”

“I did it again, Daddy!” I squealed and turned in his arms, facing Mom who had picked up Robby. “I did it, Mommy. I did it, Robby!”

Later that night, after I was put to bed, I heard my parents talking in the living room.

“We got the house, Tony?” Mom gasped, all of a sudden.

“Yeah.” Dad answered, excitedly. “Greg just called me, the other relator just called him about the home owners accepting our offer.”

I squealed into my pillow. We were going to move to a big place, with a backyard where I could play with Robby all day long. Today was the best day of my life.

One month later, a day after moving into our new house….

“Jenna, baby?” Mom turned from the front seat of our red minivan. “You excited for your first day of school?”

I nodded, staring at my pink and white polka dot dress, wishing I could have worn my candy cane striped swimsuit to my first day of preschool instead. “I’m going to a big girl’s school today, right?”

“That’s right.” Dad chuckled, maneuvering the car into a parking spot. I stepped out of the car with my mermaid backpack on. Robby had on his robot backpack.

I looked at Dad, grinning at how tall he was. My dad was practically a giant and I bet if he wanted to, he could touch the sky. “I’m a Princess, Daddy?”

He grinned down at me. “Princess, Champion Swimmer.”

My jaw dropped for a second before it slowly snapped into a bewildered smile. “I’m a Princess, Champion Swimmer?”

“Faster than a rocket.” Dad added.

“Faster than a rocket!” I squealed, looking at Robby.

Robby scowled, squeezing his bag straps. “Yeah, well I’m stronger.”

He could have that, faster was better than stronger, any day.



We climbed up the stairs towards the Royal Heights Elementary School sign.

“Wow.” I whispered as we crossed the terrace to the entrance. “A big girl’s school.”

Mom had mascara dripping down her face from crying as we dropped off Robby at his grade one classroom. Dad asked me to help drag her away from Robby’s classroom. But she wouldn’t leave, and kept saying she was scared. I told her not to worry.

“I’ll protect him, Mommy.” I assured her, giving her a curt nod while pointing my thumb at myself. “I got the Sabini blood in me.”

“That’s right,” Dad rejoiced.

Mom kissed me on the cheek. “You got that right, sweetheart.”

Smiling and not crying anymore, Mom let Dad and me push her down the hallway. It was my turn next, and we entered the pre-school hallway. There were paintings and drawings, and craft cut outs everywhere. It was beautiful, like… straight out of a dream beautiful.

“What do we have here?” a loud voice asked.

With a racing heartbeat, I glanced up at a giant woman. She was almost as tall as Dad, but I bet she couldn’t touch the sky like he could. She had long black hair, just like me. And her eyes were brown, also like me. She was scary looking.

“This is Jenna.” Mom answered as I hid behind Dad’s tree long legs. I was safe there.

The scary woman grinned down at me. “Hello, Jenna.”

“Don’t be scared.” Dad crouched down beside me. “Remember who you are.”

I took a breath before answering. “I’m a Princess, Champion Swimmer.” I said in a small voice.

“Wow, you’re a princess and a champion swimmer, that’s amazing,” the not so scary lady said. Her smile was like a rainbow now. She held out her hand to me. “Come inside, we’re coloring now. Do you like to color?”

I nodded and turned to my parents to bid them a goodbye now that I knew I was going to be coloring. Mom cried, hugging me tightly. After I pulled away, Dad hugged me quickly.

I took my new teacher’s hand, whose name was Miss Jane. She led me inside a colorful room to a table where there were two boys and two girls sitting. “You can sit at this table with Annabelle, Matthew, Dana and Roy.”

I sat down next to Annabelle, who gave me a smile in which I returned right back to her.

“Everyone, say hello to Jenna. She’s new.” Miss Jane told them.

They all said hello and then Miss Jane left. I grabbed a blue crayon and began drawing a swimming pool on white paper. Halfway done, Annabelle began to cry.

“Stop, I grabbed the green crayon first,” she cried, trying to wrestle the green crayon away from Matthew.

Matthew scowled, holding the green crayon away from Annabelle’s flailing arms. “I need it. I’m coloring a tree. A tree is green and brown.”

Annabelle wiped the tears from her face. “But, I’m coloring a green dress.”

Matthew stuck his tongue out. “That’s stupid. Girls don’t wear green dresses. They only wear red, pink and white. That’s what my older brother says.”

I had enough of this. I got up and went to the empty table behind me. There was a package of crayons there and I took the green crayon, then I sat back in my seat.

“Here.” I held the green crayon to Annabelle as she wiped her nose. She slowly took the crayon out of my hand and stared at it.

“Thank you.” She sniffed, smiling.

I glanced at Matthew and stuck my tongue out to him. “I think green dresses are pretty.”

Before he could say anything back, Miss Jane spoke. “Everybody, come to the magic circle please.”

Dana, Roy and Matthew dropped their crayons and ran to the circular carpet across the room with the rest of the kids. I got up from my seat at the same time as Annabelle. She was wearing a purple dress with pretty, black sparkly shoes. My shoes were pink.

She looked at me and her cheeks were pink. “You want to be my best friend?”

I thought about it for a second and then nodded.

“Okay. I’m a Princess, Champion Swimmer, and I’m faster than a rocket.” I told her as we crossed the room in unison.

“I’m… a… banana,” she whispered secretly.

My jaw dropped. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yep! I’m not lying, honest.”

My new best friend was a banana… wow!



Growing up I was that girl, you know the kind that had a lot of friends. Not to be cocky or anything, but I had that take charge personality a lot of people couldn’t resist and naturally they flocked to me. It also helped swimming was a huge passion of mine. The area I grew up in, swimming was what we did year round. If I were to exaggerate right now about the number of friends I had, it would be a million. But here’s the part that had me smiling the most, 999,999 were fans of the greatest sport known to man, what we had in common, what we would fight for, risk expulsion for…. SWIMMING.

However, one person out of a million had me smiling the most, and had me cringing the most. But… it’s no problem, because BEST FRIEND RULE #1: Be there for each other, no matter what.

No matter what.

My best buddy, my almost, practically there sister…. screw it… who cared about semantics… she was my sister just from another mister, Annabelle Simms, AKA… the President of The Confused Teen Girl Council. Water repellant but on occasion would join me in a swimming pool just to hang out.

Yeah, we were that close.

Sacrifice and all.

She hated how she looked in a bathing suit, even though she just bought a killer Smashtide swimsuit that made her look like the athlete I knew she could be if she just applied herself. Like I said, I loved her like a sister, but lately the world and Annabelle didn’t seem to be seeing eye to eye.

When you knew someone well you noticed things they probably thought you couldn’t. Like the middle of the eleventh grade, right after Christmas break when her stomach rolled over her jeans after we sat down with our lunches in the cafeteria, there’d been a smile on her face just a few seconds before. She spent the rest of lunch staring at an apple her mom gave her and eyeing her waistline. I noticed many more moments like that, but I didn’t know how to bring it up without sounding insensitive.

What if she didn’t take my nosiness in the body department well?

There’s two sides to me, one side… I’d get it that she’d want to keep certain things private, but the other side of me desperately wanted her to share what was really going on with her, because weren’t best friends supposed to tell each other everything?

Thinking about it like that had me feeling selfish in an instant. I wish compassion was a strong suit of mine, and if anybody deserved compassion from me it was her. We’re different people, things that would have been no big deal for me, were insanely huge for her.

“I’m your security, remember?” I told her on the last day of July. She’d had a nasty fight with her mom a couple of hours before, and the rest of her family was on TEAM MOM.

But it was okay, because she didn’t need them. She had me. Best friends for life. Hell, I wanted side-by-side coffins, and yes I did know… I had some attachment issues.


Hope you all liked it….this book will be out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and ibooks. Also it’ll be out on some random sales channels associated with smash words. BOOM!

NOW…. I’m off to finish XB…. let the mind games begin.








Working on some more Xander Barns

When I think about Forever Calling You, I think it’s become a fixation in my mind that either it replicates perfection or I’m never going to release it. It’s my masterpiece, it deserves better. I can’t let something half ass come out, no matter what.

Anyways….thank God my definition of perfection isn’t some far fetched ideology that’s unattainable or years away. I’m just working on something I think will far surpass what I’ve already got.

If this makes any sense….does it? I don’t think so anymore.


Check out Some XANDER BARNS right here!

“Let me say this again,” the man on the other side of the hedge begins to say. I can hear the humour in his voice. He thinks he’s won. “And if I stop, which I have, and if I choose to help in which I haven’t yet, what will I get in return?”

I start ugly crying. “All I want is to survive, can’t you see?”

“Then take my hand if you dare, but know this, once it is done, it is done.”

Both hedge walls come closer to my body, making the decision for me. I grab the hand and it grips me tightly and pulls me through the wall where there are no thorns. My eyes close as I’m guided to safety.

His hand is soft, and warm, and delicate, yet strong. It feels like I’m safe with his hand around mine. I hear him laugh softly as I exit through.

“Alas your freedom is here.” he says into my ear. My hand is let go and my eyes open softly. Hidden by darkness the man I’ve been chasing stands in front of me.

“Who are you?” I glance around and we stand on baron land with the maze behind us. “Where are we?”

He takes a step close to me but darkness hides his identity still. “Where we are my sweet angel, is at an impasse.”

Aphrodite herself whispers into my ear. “Be careful of this one.”

“She can’t help you,” he speaks softly before narrowing his ocean blue eyes sinisterly. He laughs loudly all of a sudden. “Because, it’s already done.”

“What does that even mean?” I gulp.

He leans down and smiles in my face. “It means…you…owe… me now.”

Working on Xander Barns

Working on Xander right now.



My eyes open immediately and I find myself lying on a queen-sized bed with a purple comforter from a store I can’t pronounce, staring up at a ceiling in a room from a condo that belongs to a blue-eyed….

“Devil.” I whisper, moving my mouth into a familiar smile that tells me it’s been far too long. “Fucking Stockholm syndrome.”

I hold a hand to my beating heart and look out the window by my bed. It’s stormy and dark outside. Wind blows rain everywhere and fog covers the buildings I would on a normal day see clearly.

My clock radio buzzes on. “Good morning, Toronto! I’m Carl, and I’m Janine, and you’re listening to Breakfast at Dawn on Hits 102.1 fm. Got to get to work by seven, let us help you with the top ten hits from 1995, sponsored by Q Media for all your wireless needs get em at the Q. Let’s start off 5am with a bang. It’s…. Don’t Go Away Because I’ll Find You Breathing Dead Or Alive…. by The Stalker Killers.”

I grunt out a laugh. “Ha, they’re about to sing my life story.”


Something like that….

Xander Barns Book 4 Update

Ahhh good day everyone…a bit of an update to you all. Working hard on book 4 of my XB Series. It’s coming along like it should be, like it was meant to be after all this time….anyways….right here I have a secret, a recent addition the book I’ve decided to add after the original story of XB4 finishes up and I hope you all like it.


Xander Barns: An Alternate Universe.

I wanted more out of life than the horrid concoction my mother had planned for me. For starters, I was eighteen years old and on my way to being married. Benjamin Owen Charles Walters was the son of Gwyneth Marie Elizabeth Walters. From the time my mother could crawl, Mrs. Walters and her had been the best of friends. At eighteen years old they were both married and by twenty they had given birth to Benjamin and I. It had to be faith that my mother had a girl and Mrs. Walters had a boy. Our union from then on was set in stone. At eighteen we were to be married and our mothers would plan the wedding of the season.

“End of discussion, young lady.” My mother voiced her disgust after tea this afternoon. Mrs. Walters was on her way with Francine Wilder of Wilder Designs to discuss my wedding dress. I wanted a modern design with hints of color and absolutely no lace. My mother hated that idea and quickly shot it down. Wedding plans were in its beginning stages and already my desires for the day were being ignored. I felt hopeless and undervalued. The day of any wedding should be the happiest for the bride and groom, but with Benjamin and I’s wedding due in four months time, I’d yet to see the light my heart desired. Happiness seemed impossible with the progression of plans that needed not I, nor my future husband.


I’ll give away more information as to what this is later on……

Working right now, it seems like it’s going to take forever, but what’s the point of putting something out that’ll just get a ‘meh’. My biggest fear is putting something out and gathering similar responses along the lines of….”WE WAITED THIS LONG FOR THAT! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! I’M NEVER READING ANYTHING FROM THIS AUTHOR AGAIN!”

Okay….enough of that. I have work to do.

James’ POV for Don’t Stop Holding ME

Who would like to read a bit of the prologue for…….Don’t Stop Holding Me?
I’m putting it up here anyways….so deal with it! :-)
It’s from James’ perspective….for the first time EVER!


Copyright© 2015 Sarah Tork

Wednesday August 1st 2012

The floorboards rumbled like a mini earthquake and there was no doubt in my mind that Big Chief was awake and heading straight for my/not room.

He pounded against the door. “You don’t open this door, I’ll open it anyways. This is my house, you understand, boy?”

The door opened before my feet touched hardwood. Jim Lawson came barging inside, stopping in front of my/not bed with a nasty but usual scowl on his wrinkled forty-four year old face.

“Seventeen years old, and this is the kind of shit you’re trying to pull. Boy, when I tell you to open the door, open the god damn fucking door.” he hissed like he was trying to hold himself back from doing something CPS would have been called for.

I got in his face, leaning down a little since I was an inch taller. “The only thing I see is a grown ass man barging into his oldest son’s room, acting like a prick for no god damn reason.”

“Keep the fucking volume down, this is my house, my family doesn’t need to hear you mouth off to me.” Dad started to breath heavy, bull status.

This was fun. I smirked in his face. First feeling of happiness I’d felt in awhile.

“Well Jimmy boy, the floor is yours, what brings the head of the Lawson Brigade 2.0 into my little room. Oh sorry, it’s not my room. Your house, your room, this is all your shit. Come in and out as you please, but just out of courtesy maybe you’d like to knock next time and wait for me to answer as I sleep naked sometimes and well, you get it don’t you.” I smirked again in his face as he snarled in disgust, shaking his head.

“Smart ass, that mother of yours has spoiled your ass, turning you into a bitch that talks back to his father. You’re a piece of shit, James.” Dad finished saying his piece and stormed out the room, leaving me frozen, heart pounding up to my ears, pulse about to burst and all that shit.


Something like that….hoped you liked it!!
I’m going to have like a million books out at the same time, so like, I don’t know….please check em out…okay BYE!

Ohhh and I’m feeling hungry right now!



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