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Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway….what shall we do?
So what I think I will do for this contest/giveaway is ask a few questions pertaining to my stories and then if you want to participate just send me the answers via messages, and the first five to get them right, win!
I think that’s good.
I’ve never done a giveaway before so I hope it works.
My first giveaway will revolve around writing tools – nice good quality ones. I’m a writer and I hope some of you like to write in your spare time too, be it casual or professional, or plainnnnn old amateur like yours truly, MOI – MOI – MOI!
I wanted to get engraved pens – nice ones, not the cheap flimsy plastic ones you get for free when you go to a hotel or steal from the bank when you sign a receipt – i’m talking pretty metal ones with a beautiful chrome or metallic finish, but these places want you to buy them in bulk, like a minimum of 150!!! I will do it in the near future, I just can’t do it right now. Life.
I’ll come up with some tricky questions venturing in the world of XB and YA, and maybe one or two, or three random questions for my own sick pleasure – because I’m funny like that, and post them this Wednesday. So know your stuff if you want this awesome giveaway.
So if everything runs smoothly, I will definitely do more. Maybe one every month, or every second month. And with everything I do, I live and learn…even after making a million mistakes.
So, let’s have some fun with this!
Thanks for reading!
Your favourite delusional, misguided, amateur, not always lazy procrastinator, who keeps getting tonsil infections but is okay now……writer?


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