Waiting For A Fall going back to free!

Hey, decided to put back Waiting For A Fall for free. Keep an eye out for it if you want it!!!!!

You’re What I Want

So…don’t know if you’ve noticed but I took off You’re What I Want again. For a few reasons….
1) The page count was a 100…. a hundred pages isn’t going to cut it.
2) The Quality of the story wasn’t strong, what’s the point of putting something out there if it’s just going to be MEH. I’ve had too much meh! I want WOW!
3) Writing WOW stuff is where i want to be.
So…I’m starting again.
Working on trying to make Jenna’s story as fabulous as it can be. I also want the writing to be better. At the end of the day, if this results (and I hope it will) in an amazing read it’ll be worth it.
Anywaysssss working on Xander Barns. Baby needs to breathe again!

Always Wanted Forever.

Hello -hello…the revisions continue in….Always Wanted Forever…Check out the first page.
Always WantedACSE

Present day, Saturday April 20th 2013.

Here’s a known fact, in life we’re going to meet a lot of people.

Mostly semi–normal to normal people, with the odd bunch mixed in from time to time. I’d classify myself as part of the ‘odd’ category… and PROUD of it!

At twenty-two years old, and if you asked my mom, my life was a disappointment for a number of reasons that included…

1: Getting arrested for fighting with my ex – best friend Ronnie during my senior of year of high school.
2: Not graduating university.
3: Working at King’s Ice Cream Palace at the age of twenty-two.
4: And the biggest disappointment and offence of all… was breaking up with Ben, my boyfriend of five years.

Number four however was the catalyst…leading me down a path where I’d meet ‘a man’ so incredibly FUCKED in the head, that he made me look…. normal?
Anyways… here I was now, about to enter a room, looking like a million bucks (or at least a few thousand) all thanks to a makeover team from…. HELL.

My father’s fiftieth birthday party, held in a party room at the Pacific Banquet Hall in Ottawa, Ontario, an event my mom probably had planned for months, yet I found out about it last MONDAY, and coincidently on the same day I’d met…. HIM.

By the way, the last twenty-four hours… would haunt me for the rest of my life. Just so you should know, in case you wanted to bail out on hearing what happened yesterday morning, afternoon, night, and then this morning…. to me!

It was wrong… very, very, very, very WRONG!

The itch I felt deep down was real and it was going to take more than a bottle of body wash to get rid of it. Honestly, a team of doctors and skin burning lasers still had a way to go before I’d felt clean down there again.

Damn HIM.

Damn XB.

Fuck it.

There was no other way to explain what I just went through except to start from the beginning.

Something like that…. :-)

Always Wanted Forever was previously published as Xander Barns Series: Always Wanted, Wanted Always, Calling Forever

Here’s something new from ‘Waiting For A Fall’

Mom actually twitched when I announced I would no longer be wearing that watch. We went back and forth while she prepped dinner, roast chicken and potatoes, while I diced lettuce (which was probably for me).

The argument was going nowhere, but neither Mom nor I were giving in. Even Dad stormed out of the basement (by the way, my parents were accountants) and told us to quit it. The kitchen grew silent, Dad returned to the basement and I finished chopping lettuce.

I almost thought things were going to be okay, but as usual Mom couldn’t concede, not when she just felt so strongly about something. She had to get hers… somehow.

As we all sat down for dinner, she thought she was being so smart, serving our plates in the kitchen and bringing them out to the dinner table. Roast chicken and potatoes, set neatly on plate for each member of my family, except for me. I got a bare plate and the salad I chopped in a huge bowl placed in front of me, along with a white wine vinegar and olive oil mixture in a gravy dish.

“Have as much salad and dressing as you want, Annabelle.” Mom beamed behind her steaming plate of food.

I wanted to bark out laughing, like I’d finally been driven to madness by her ridiculousness. But instead I chose to retaliate. Mom wouldn’t be victorious at dinner wars, not this time.

I cleared my throat. “A well balanced diet needs protein, no? I know for a fact that’s what the nutritionist said.”

Mom’s jaw dropped and Dad stared at her for confirmation. Charles and Katherine ate their food, oblivious to what was about to happen. Without waiting for her approval, I grabbed my bare plate and headed into the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” Mom panicked, getting out of her chair.

“To get me some protein.” I grinned and sliced through roast chicken while Mom screeched to deaf ears behind me.

And so the rebellion continued, with a point to Annabelle Simms, victor of the roast chicken battle.

That’s it for now…..

Working on some Xander…for the rest of the day.

Working on some Xander…for the rest of the day.
I love him.
My crazy f..king….character.

“It’ll be a punishment.” I whispered, quickly hiding underneath the bed covers and bringing the blanket all the way up to my chin. In an instant, he was lying over me, using his elbows to hold his weight.

“You’re cruel.” He whispered, an inch from my evil smile. I got this bitch all tangled and I knew he was dying inside.

Xander’s nose softly caressed the side on my jaw, his body sinking over me, stretching his elbows out no longer using them as a crutch. “Knowing how you are underneath the blanket, and I can’t see anymore…”

I chuckled with him inhaling the side of my face. “Kills you, tortures you. Well use your imagination then.”

His head came up, blue eyes alive and slightly crazy looking. He leaned closer, a breath away from my mouth. “Fuck imagination.”

Something like that….. — feeling excited.

Ebooks giveaway for Waiting For A Fall

I’m weird like that…. anyways. I’m almost, almost finished with Waiting For A Fall and would love it if i could exchange a free ebook copy for honest reviews.
This girl right here, she needs rating!…honest though.
I changed a few things in Waiting For A Fall, and I cut out some pages. So if you’re interested in this giveaway, please send me a direct message on Facebook.


The free ebook copies will be courtesy of smash words because I can give them to anyone from any part of the world…i think.
So message for your copy before I ring the bell and it’s tooooooo late
This giveaway is now closed 🙈


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