YA5, Don’t Stop Holding Me

Don’t Stop Holding Me


Becky straightened her posture and rubbed her hands together. “Donna Tallins you say, hmmm. Well, I wouldn’t put it past her to be an actual witch, with a dungeon in her basement, with all the fixings. One black caldron, one dirt covered floor with rat bones, and snakes – AKA, her family members – sniveling and lurking around.”

I nodded in agreement.

Oh yeah… we’re totally evil.

I smirked more. “And don’t forget about the raging fire pit of doom she got gifted from el Diablo himself. It burns giant, green, red, orange and yellow flames, destruction be damned. The world will know her pain.”

My grin was epic. But I wished Jenna were here to add on, because you know my best friend would have basked in pleasure over the hypothetical description of Donna’s Witch Dungeon of Doom.

About sarahtork

Hello...everyone. I'm from Canada and I'm a 1985 baby. I live in Canada and have been writing stories since I was a baby. The preferred reaction to my work would be happiness. Here's hoping I can pull it off. You can contact me on Facebook or Twitter, or via my website I love pens, collect pens, PENS ARE EVERYTHING!!!

19 responses to “YA5, Don’t Stop Holding Me”

  1. Adrian says :

    When is don’t stop holding me coming out. During to know what happens.

  2. Adrian says :

    When is don’t stop holding me coming out. I really what to know what happens. Been waiting forever.

  3. Adrian says :

    When is don’t stop holding me coming out??? Really would like to read.

  4. Sol says :

    Is it out yes

  5. Kimmy says :

    I had it preordered in December and it now say not available in the us

    • sarahtork says :

      Hi, I’m sorry about how everything right this book has gone. I canceled the preorder last September because the page count for the book changed by quite a bit so I thought it was only fair to cancel it and start a new preorder which I haven’t listed just yet. And because i canceled the preorder for YA 5 no one will get charged 😅 sorry again

  6. Don says :

    yA5 feb release? Or wishful thinking on our behalf?

  7. Abby says :

    Keep us updated. Hopefully its not the last book love anna and james!!!!!!!

  8. Sol says :

    When is the release date?????❓❓❓❓🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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